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Organización de Productores Pesqueros Artesanales del Estrecho (OPP 78)

No podemos hablar de Tarifa sin el mar, y tampoco podríamos hablar de ésta sin la pesca y sus profesionales.
Nuestra unión nace para poder garantizar el ejercicio racional y sostenible de la pesca, así como para mejorar las condiciones de venta de la producción de nuestros asociados.

A little more about us


Promote the exercise of sustainable fishing activities, contributing to the supply of quality food and providing clear and complete information to consumers.


Our fleet is mainly focused on artisanal hook fishing, catching mainly the highly prized Tarifa Voracious (Pinta Bream) and the unmistakable Red Strait Red Tuna.


Fishing ground

Our fishing ground is the Strait of Gibraltar Zone. The marine ecosystems of the Strait are considered the richest fauna on the Spanish coast, mainly because it is a confluence zone.



Management of the Tarifa Market and other services such as ice and bait.

Compliance with the Common Fisheries Policy through the development of Production and Marketing Plans.

Advice on labor and Social Security matters to the members of our Organization.

Promotion of artisanal, selective and sustainable fishing.

Representation of our associates before fisheries administrations.

Active collaboration with institutions and research organizations.

Differentiation, promotion and traceability of our products.

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